Want to work together? Write me! I love teaching, talking, and preaching about Spirited Education and other aspects of UU family life and education. Write me, too, to tell me your thoughts on the book; this is just the beginning of the story, and I'd love to hear where you fit in it. :)


Teresa Honey Youngblood worked in journalism and middle school education before becoming a homeschooling parent. Presently, in addition to homeschooling her three children, she works part-time as a freelance writer and hospital chaplain. She lives in the beautiful Ozark mountains of Northwest Arkansas, where she grows flowers and vegetables and swims in clean, cold rivers.


A 112-page .pdf file for you to download on your device and read at your leisure.


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Please do share this book! But send other readers to this website to they can download their own copies. That will help me keep track of the numbers of people who are interested in these ideas.

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This book is entirely free, because it's important to me that money never be a barrier to people getting the information they may need to raise whole, shining, loving children. But if you have a budget for this kind of a thing, or if you want to use your dollars in the world in a way that shows what you value, please donate what this contribution to the idea-landscape of liberal religious education is worth to you.


to the Unitarian Sunday School Society and the Liberal Religious Educators Association, LREDA, whose generous funding of innovative projects in UU religious education made the writing of Spirited Homeschooling possible.

Also, special thanks to Melinda Stuart-Tilley and Shari Withey, current and former homeschoolers and UU religious educators, both, as well as skilled and thoughtful first readers of the book.


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From the book's introduction: "For more than three decades now, sitting around kitchen tables, catching one another during the coffee hour on Sundays, and later, seeking one another out online, Unitarian Universalist homeschooling families together have been imagining, organizing, crafting, testing, and tweaking an educational approach that is like no other. Part homeschooling, part whole-family spiritual quest, part community immersion, their experiments were the beginning of a small, loose movement that may be one of our most successful models of homegrown faith development to date."


Home-, Church-, and Community-based Learning in the Liberal Religious Family

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